Solv Protocol

About Solv Protocol

Solv Vouchers is the DeFi platform for creating, managing, and trading allocation NFTs. Through its original token standard vNFT (short for Versatile NFT), Solv Vouchers transforms lock-up vesting tokens into negotiable Vouchers, and provides liquidity to holders of lock-up allocations like the project team and investors, by trading Vouchers in its internal market or depositing Vouchers as collateral for loans through integrated lending platforms.

Binopoly & Solv Protocol

Deeply integrated into Binopoly’s banking system, there will be interfaces to directly utilise Solv contracts to assist players in locking and unlocking Futures vouchers to make Binopoly’s Futures market easily accessible.

Solv Protocol will be deeply integrated with Binopoly's banking system, where there will be an interface to call Solv's contracts directly to help players lock and unlock their vouchers, making it easy for players to participate the Binopoly future market.

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