Crab Battle Arena(Coming Soon)

The combination of reality and the meta-verse stands as the ultimate goal of the Binopoly world. To abolish the clear distinction between the two and allow complete integration just like the co-existence of the internet and the economy.

Binopoly has been designed to be mapped to a realistic locale and we will start different kinds of farming games incorporating realistic locales once the world has been prototyped, taking our first future game, Crab Wars, as an example

Game Rules:

  • Players may purchase Mystery Boxes in-game to obtain Baby Crabs, Baby Crabs are separated into 3 levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3.

  • Different levelled crabs have different Attack Power: Level 1 = Attack 5-8; Level 2 = Attack 9 - 12; Level 3 = Attack 13 - 15

  • After a battle between two crabs, the victorious play will receive one Golden Feed as a reward, as well as the opponent’s defeated crab.

  • Every crab’s minimum Attack Power is fixed and cannot be changed, but each Golden Feed can increase a crab’s maximum Attack Power by 1 Point.

  • The system will randomly land on a number between the minimum and maximum Attack Power range of crabs to determine the outcome of the battle.

  • For the growth of crabs, players need to pledge 2 Bino to produce the daily growth feed for crabs in the feed pool, if the crabs are not supplied with growth feed for 5 consecutive days, the crabs will die To raise crabs, players must stake 2 BINO in the Feed Pool to produce the daily required Feed for the crabs. Crabs will starve and die if they are not given feed for 5 consecutive days.

  • Every crab has a life cycle of 2 years, once the 2-year limit is reached, they will die of old age.

Once it reaches prime season for crabs in the real world, players can redeem their in-game crab NFTs to receive real, physical crabs.

Various farming games will continue to be released in future iterations of Binopoly, eventually completing a holistic ecological cycle combining the meta-verse and real-world economy.


  1. All games in which NFT redeems real objects will designate mailing areas.

  2. If the player's area is not in the designated area, the player can sell NFT to the players in the designated area through the in-game market, or the player himself can contact the global transhipment service.

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