Binopoly Wealth Ranking

There are two important wealth lists in the Binopoly world.

  • Personal Wealth Ranking

  • Consortium Wealth Ranking

The most important stage of Binopoly in economic expansion comes after players have amassed enough capital fortune. This is the stage of unlimited possibilities in a player’s approach to balloon their wealth rapidly:

  • Continuously diversifying asset portfolios.

  • Attending land auctions and mergers.

  • Merging, acquiring, or establishing businesses.

  • Employing staff members or finding partners to create consortiums.

  • Utilizing game mechanisms and financial tools such as insurances and futures.

As the game is continually reiterated and developed, Binopoly will open external Battle Arenas separate from the game world for challenging, competitive show-offs between various large consortiums.

Binopoly also uses real-life geographic names to reflect its correspondence to real-world locations; allowing business models similar to the real world to exist such as an in-game advertisement industry, emporium and shopping centre services etc. Apart from these features, Binopoly provides more ludicrous investment opportunities for players to bring their real-world wealth into the game to cement their greatness and mark their name on the Binopoly wealth leaderboard.

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