Binopoly ENG

Private Land

Private land slots are one of the most important elements within the world of Binopoly, it will appear after Binopoly’s stage II rollout.

Accessing Private Land Slots:

Continent - Country - City - Private Land Slots

Amount of Private Land:

Every city will have 3-6 private land slots.

Private Land Attributes:

  • The landowner is able to control all permissions.
  • 1% of rental income of properties is taxed and given to the Treasury Vault.
  • Landholders can set a tax rate of up to 10% on top of the official tax rate.
  • Randomly allocated primary material pools
  • There can be no limit on the number of houses built on private land slots before the max building size is reached but only with the approval of the landowner.
  • Properties on private land slots could be forcefully removed by the landowner with ‘Demolition Cards’.
  • Two private land slots from the same city can be combined to increase land size and farming power.
  • Landowners may create their own business properties such as processing factories and malls etc.
  • Types of property that can be built on private land slots:
Straw Huts
Wood Cabins
Stone Houses

How can I obtain Private Land Slots?

A.Market purchase.
B.Events and airdrops