What exactly is Binopoly?

Binopoly is a play-to-earn capital operation game powered by blockchain technology, and integrate real-world geography into the game world. Players may invest in various assets such as land, building materials, factories, mines, malls and railroads plus many more. Players can operate businesses whilst make new friends, establish wealthy and powerful consortiums and realize their ultimate financial fantasies.

Why is Binopoly special?

  1. Binopoly masterfully encapsulates the concept of play-to-earn in combination with blockchain technology. It doesn’t matter who you are in the real world, Binopoly will always provide you with a truly rewarding experience and a plethora of scenarios to utilize and showcase your inner genius.

  2. Vast in-game opportunities for capital accumulation, with few pay-wall obstacles and all players can start the game from scratch without significant out-of-pocket expenses. ( There are also 'Extremist Playstyles' players may find useful, please refer to 'Playstyle' for more details)

Can in-game income be turned into real cash?

Yes, the BINO token can be converted into any crypto or fiat currency through exchanges.

‌How much can I earn from Binopoly?

Your game income depends on how much time and capital are invested in, and how you operate it. Multiple factors and each decision that you make will influence your degree of income.

‌Are there any risks involved?

‌Cryptocurrency are always subject to high volatility and often ‘extreme’ price fluctuations, so please invest cautiously. However, Binopoly proudly provides low-risk stable coin mining projects and the creation of NFTs to turn your creative genius into massive fortunes with no risk involved.

‌When will Binopoly be launched?

Game will be launched in Q4 of 2021. More functions and elements will be iterated and integrated into the game as development continues (More details can be found on ‘Roadmap’).

Do I need to cryptocurrency wallet to play Binopoly?

‌Yes, players must hold at least one form of cryptocurrency wallets to enjoy Binopoly. Your wallet is used to receive game items such as NFTs, make and receive payments, as well as receiving airdrop rewards.

‌Is Binopoly Pay-to-Play?

‌No, there are several ways you can enjoy Binopoly. If you want, anyone may enjoy Binopoly entirely free of charge. However, players may choose to invest depending on the degree of returns they seek as there are various purchasable items and tools that save the player’s time or increases gameplay profits.

‌How would Binopoly be governed?

The DAO system will be integrated into Binopoly to effectively allow community management of the game. By voting, providing suggestions and determining budgets, every holder of Binopoly’s in-game token - BINO, can participate in the DAO and involve in game management and governance.

What DeFi functions does Binopoly include?

  • NFT: The creation and usage of Non-Fungible Tokens.

  • Stablecoins creation and liquidities generate profits. The stable coin will be the key point for the whole economic ecosystem.

  • Stablecoins: A central payment system with stable value, pegged to the USD on a 1:1 ration

  • Insurance: Differing from the traditional insurance industries, Binopoly utilises blockchain technology to provide a more effective compensation system.

  • As the technology develops, more ways of gameplay will be added to the game, making the gameplay more complex, challenging, fun and multileveled.

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