Collection Service

The addition of collection services brings an extra element to the multileveled gameplay of Binopoly. During the processing periods of factories and rental collection periods of properties, other players may offer collection services after the protection period ends, consuming a Collection Card each time the player completes a service.

Protection Time depending on each Property:

  • Straw Huts: 5 Minutes

  • Wood Cabins: 5 Minutes

  • Stone Houses: 5 Minutes

  • Mansions: 5 Minutes

  • Manors: 5 Minutes

  • Skyscrapers: 5 Minutes

Obtaining a Collection Card

  1. We will have an lottery pool in our game, players can deposit 50 BINO in the Pool, the BINO tokens have to been in the Pool no less than 7 days before you are Eligible to join the lottery. Every week we will pick 20 winners, each of them will win 100 Collection Cards. The lottery system will be powered by Moonpots.

  2. Every reward period (14 days),the Collection Card will be sold in our Shopping Mall, these cards will be open for sale randomly in the period.

  3. We will have all kinds of community activities, we have the Collection Card as the reward, our active community members can win these Collection Cards.

We will have more ways to obtain the Collection Cards as developments keep on. Also the numbers will be adjusted as the market changes. After our game turns to be stable, our DAO system will decide how we will adjust the number.

How to use Collection Card

If player A has a Collection Card, then player B's property has not claimed the income after 8h and 8h5min, and then A can use the collection Card and pay a small sum of BINO to obtain 50% of the rental income of B's property.

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