Binopoly Tutorial(on PC)

1.Set up BSCon your MetaMask

Go to

In the search network bar in put BSC, you will see Binance Smart Chain and Binance Smart Chain, add both chain to your wallet.

2.Connect your wallet

3.Binopoly functional introduction

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My info:

Collection Field

Processing Plants

Shopping Center

Currently you can purchase Property skin in our shopping center, you need to have the property skin before you construct your property. In the future we will have our Material Mystery Box, Collection Cards and other in game items sales here.

Housing Administration

Red highlight part tells us there are two kind of BINO Voucher can be staked to obtain the building permit. BINO-220203 means voucher which will be released on 3rd Feb 2022, all the voucher ended on that day can be staked in this page and obtain the building permit. When you want to claim the Building Permit you'v got, you have to withdraw the voucher which you have staked, and if you want to keep obtaining the Building Permit, you have to stake the voucher again.

Construction Company

Real Estate

Make sure you choose the correct continent. You only can find your property on the continent which you allocate your property. Click the building will redirect you to the pageyou want to go.

Allocate your property

Choose the continent you want to allocate your property. Then find the right plot.

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