Construction Material Processing

After players have farmed enough primary materials, it’s time to process them into building materials! Primary materials need to be transported to various factories which require a processing fee before processing primary materials into building materials. However, the number of materials every factory can process at one time is limited. If all production lines are currently full, players will have to choose from the 3 following options:

  1. Simply wait for the production to finish before processing new materials.

  2. Switch to an idle factory. However, the number of factories available is also limited; if all factories are currently unavailable, then waiting for one to free up is the only option.

  3. Players who own private land plots may build their own factories and choose whether to open the factory to other players and generate Bino from the fees (amount charged decided by the owner) or simply use it to process one’s own materials.

Different Materials have different processing time. Because our production lines are limited, material owner will have 5 mins after the process done to claim their construction material. After 5 mins anyone can help the material owner claim the construction material, the owner will receive 90% of the construction material and the player who help him will receive the rest 10%.

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