Totem War

Background Story:

During the first inception of the world, 7 gods descended from the heavens and gave this world a name: Binopoly. These 7 gods had then split this world into 7 great continents with their insurmountable power, creating countless resources and the very first civilizations in the process. From then on, each continent had its own god, protecting and governing their lands, people and resources. Although as gods they are almighty and immensely powerful, each held different ideologies and abilities, often leading to clashes and violent holy wars. Totems, as the only way of communication between mortals and gods, passes down a heavenly decree by the continents’ god each time a holy war occurs, wishing the people of the continent to contribute resources and faith to strengthen their power and win the war. The victorious god will take the defeated gods’ resources to give back to the people.

Totem War Rules:

  • The Totem War is held over a 28-day time period, and each Totem War will involve all seven continents.

  • Once the war begins, players on all continents have 10 days to contribute to the Totem with materials to support their god; these 10 days form the ‘Battle Stage’ of the Totem War.

  • The Totem accepts any of the following as contribution: primary materials, building materials and BINO. Players who make a successful contribution to the Totem will receive Faith Points back from the Totem.

  • Different types of material hold varying degrees of quality, thus weighing differently. Therefore, Faith Points will be returned to the contributor by the Totem according to the weight of the contributed material.

  • At the end of the 10-day ‘Battle Stage’, every God’s victory and defeat will be determined based on the total number of Totem points accumulated from their respective continent’s contributions.

  • In the holy war, there is no mercy. The last 3 continents on the Totem Faith Ranking will have their property rental income reduced by a brutal 80% (rank 7), 60% (rank 6) and 40% (rank 5) respectively for the next reward period (14 days).

  • The Gods of the top 3 continents on the Totem Faith Ranking will generously give 20% (7th place reduction to 1st place), 10% (6th place reduction to 2nd place) and 5% (5th place reduction to 3rd place) of the plunder. The reward period after the end of the war period is known as the distribution period. Players who have participated in the Totem War during the first 10 days of the distribution period and have Faith Points are free to decide how many Faith Points to invest in the distribution of the reward proceeds. Faith Points invested will not be retrieved. After 10 days, the rewards will be distributed based on the ratio of the Faith Points invested to the total Faith Points for the round.

  • For every continent 30% of the total faith credits will be rewarded to each continent top contributors, rest will be burnt. The reward distribution rules will be as follows: 1st:50% of the total faith credit reward ,2nd: 20% of the total faith credit rewards,3rd: 10% of the total faith credit rewards. Rest 20% will be shared by 10 of the contributors picked randomly. All rewards will be distributed as Rock, Quartz and Iron.


Occasionally, the victorious Gods (Rank 1-3) in the Totem Wars will feel benevolent and generous, offering rewards to players who had made the greatest contributions in the previous TotemWar, in addition to basic rewards.

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