Banking System (Coming Soon)

Whilst accepting the widely trusted BUSD as base currency for marketplace trades, Binopoly wishes to adopt its own stable coin system - USDbi, to better align with the principles of decentralisation. The banking system will allow stable coin minting and exchange to ensure stability and order. In addition to stable coins, a voucher system will also be included to lock BINO tokens and mint them into NFT vouchers. This voucher system will cultivate higher loyalty of our players as well as creating a more flexible, player-friendly gameplay with locked mining. In later stages, collateralised token and asset lending will also become an integral part of the banking system’s business operations. More new and exciting business operations will be added as part of the iteration process and development in DeFi technologies.

Features of Binopoly’s Banking System.

1. Voucher

Players are required to lock their BINO in the Bank through Solv Voucher System, setting a locking period. Different vouchers will provide different in-game benefits and functions.

2. Minting and exchanging the stable coin

Activities such as stable coin minting and trading allow players to participate in the growth of the platform whilst receiving rewards.

3. BINO and other Token Lending

The BINO tokens and many other project tokens held by players will greatly increase the utilisation of users' funds through the collateral lending function of the banking system. The collateral lending of various resources in the game will also bring more possibilities to the game.

BINO tokens and tokens of other projects that players hold can be lended through the bank’s lending function to greatly increase capital utilisation and circulation of the market. More in-game possibilities and choices will be enabled as various resources in the game become available for lending.

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