Building Permit

In addition to building materials, a building permit is also required to construct a property on land. The number of building permits released each month will be determined by the Binopoly Team during the first six months of the game's operation, which after the game stabilizes after six months, this number will solely be determined by DAO systematics.

  1. Players are required to first lock their BINO in the Bank through Solv Vouchers, setting a locking period, and staking the voucher to acquire building permits.

  2. Investors of the seed round may participate in voucher staking to receive building permits before their vouchers are unlocked.

  3. BINO-BUSD LP tokens may also be staked to receive building permits.

  4. Mystery Boxes have a small chance of containing a building permit. Players can also obtain building permits from Community events as gifts and rewards.

  5. Stay tuned for more exciting ways to obtain building permits following future iterations!

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