How to buy and sell the material?

1. Access BABYLONS by clicking the website link below

as shown in the following screenshot:

2. Connect your BSC Wallet: click on ‘Connect Wallet’ in the upper right corner

3. Select the material to buy: click on ‘On Sale’, select the material to buy Take ‘the soil’ as an example

a) Click on it, and you will enter the following page

b) Drop-down to the Buy Position

c) Click on ‘Buy’

d) Enter Buy Qty

e) Click on ‘Approve’, pop-up the wallet to confirm

f) Click on ‘Confirm’ and wait

g) When the process is finished, you need to confirm the purchase permission and click on ‘Done’

All confirmations are required for the first-time buying approval only

4. Select material (e.g. the soil) to purchase after permission

Click on ‘BUY’

Reauthorization to buy

5. Sell the soil

Click your wallet

Select my items

Enter my material, drop-down the page and you can find all of your NFTS

Click on the soil

Enter the page, then drop-down and click on ‘put on sale’

Access the following page, enter the selling quality and selling price, click on ‘Place’

Pop-up wallet confirmation (one permission + one signature), after confirmation, ‘Place’ is completed, and waiting for buyers to buy

After the wallet confirmation, click on ‘Done’, and waiting for buyers to buy

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