Usage of ‘Demolition Cards'

Any property built on a private land slot could be subject to forceful demolition by the landowner. We heavily encourage players to have friendly negotiations on the number of resources or money returned to them if their properties are to be forcefully removed.

Binopoly will also provide landowners exclusive and costly ‘Demolition Cards’ so they may forcefully demolish all property resting on top of their private land. 80% of the cost spent by the landowner to obtain this ‘Demolition Card’ will be used to cover the loss of all property owners under the event this card is used; thus, it is also quite possible that property owners may receive benefits that are much larger than what they had originally invested in the construction of their properties if land slots and ‘Demolition Cards’ continuously increase in value.

Thus, it is advised that landowners carefully regulate the usage and public access of their land.

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