Binopoly seamlessly integrates NFTs into the in-game world as a collectible asset, players can collect "house" NFTs to change and display the graphic appearances of their residential properties on public and private land slots, acting as a virtual home that showcases and represents one’s artistic values and unique personality. There are a plethora of residential property options, such as straw huts, wood cabins, stone houses, mansions, manors, and even entire skyscrapers. Similarly, each property may be paired with an exclusive musical soundtrack NFT, flawlessly combining music with virtual architecture for the ultimate display of one’s elegance and distinguished taste. Binopoly has been the first of its kind to practically employ NFTs in a real-world sense to achieve actualized value for players and consumers, going a step beyond the traditional NFT usage of mere collection and exchange.

For creators of NFTs, Binopoly provides a practically unlimited stage to express their talents and self-actualize. As the Binopoly world seamlessly integrates real-world geolocations, many elements essential to the physical world will be present in the game, supplying plentiful materials and inspiration for both experienced and aspiring artists. As the virtual world is, after all, derived from the real world but rising beyond it; having a firm grasp of the market and other users in the virtual world opens up a kaleidoscope of new and upcoming creative avenues for any creators. Binopoly thereby offers a more inclusive, holistic, and open virtual world experience. Creators will be recognized, accepted, and admired whilst they mark their footprints into the infinite metaverse.

Binopoly NFTs include:

  • Soil

  • Wood

  • Rock

  • Quartz

  • Iron Ore

  • Brick

  • Timber

  • Stone

  • Windows

  • Steel

  • Houses

  • Skins

  • Music

  • Property Ownership Tokens

  • Mystery Boxes

  • Private Land Ownership

  • Demolition Card

  • Building Permits

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