Residential Properties

After constructing and owning a property, players can earn BINO by collecting rent. Each property will have a rental waiting period of 8 hours. After the 8 hours rental waiting period, the system will provide 5 minutes of rent protection in which only the owner can collect the rent. After this rent protection period passes, other players are then able to provide rental collection services to receive a 50% share of the collection.

6 Levels:

Straw huts, Wood Cabins, Stone Houses, Mansions, Manors, Skyscrapers.

How can I obtain properties?

A. Property Construction using building materials (dirt, wood, stone, steel, glass, building permits etc.)

B. Market Purchase.

‌C. Land Boxes and Prize Draws (Prize Draws are limited to straw huts, wood cabins, stone houses only. Higher levels of property can only be obtained through construction or purchase).

How can I make a profit?

A. Constructing properties on land slots within the continents will generate rent – amounts vary with different locations.

B. Engaging in market trades.

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