Reward Pool Distribution

Every reward cycle lasts for 14 days. Total rewards for the next cycle are based on game progression and determined 1 days before the end of the current cycle. To ensure stability, the Binopoly team will determine and announce the reward amount for each reward cycle for the first 6 months. The DAO system will then begin operation when the game has successfully stabilized and all community members will vote to decide the reward amount for future reward cycles.

The distribution Rules will be as follows:

1.40% of the total amount will be shared by all the continents equally. So each continent will have 40%/7=5.714% of the total reward for the next period as the basic reward.

2. Rest 60% of the total amount will be distributed according to the Totem War Rank. No1 will get 23%, No2 will get 20%, No3 will get 17%, No 4 will get 14%, No 5 will get 11%, No 6 will get 8% and No 7 will get 7% of the rewards in this section.

Add these two part together we will get the exact ratio of the rewards for each continent based on the Rank of the Totem War. No1: 19.5% , No2: 17.5%, No3: 15.5%, No4: 14%, No5: 12.5%, No6: 11.5%, No7: 9.5% of the total rewards for this period.

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