Commercial Properties

Business Properties:

  • Brick Factories

  • Timber Mills

  • Stone Factories

  • Glass Factories

  • Steel Factories

  • Mines

  • Shopping Center

  • Housing Administration

  • Bank

  • Insurance Companies

  • Marketplace

Processing factories among these properties can be built on private land slots by players.

Players can obtain building materials by processing primary materials in processing factories. Every factory on public land will have 2 production lines, if the production lines are full, players will have to wait until production lines are free or turn to processing factories on private land slots (owned by other players). If the player hasn’t collected the processed material after it’s completed within the allocated collection timeframe, other players will then be able to provide material collection services to receive 10% of the collection.

How can I obtain Business Properties:

A.Construction(Once players have acquired the necessary materials, land slots and a permit.)

How do I make a profit:

A.Sales of materials produced.

B.Fees for processing materials of other players.

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