What is Binopoly

Binopoly is a play-to-earn capital operation game powered by blockchain technology, with integrated real-world geography inside a game world. Consisting of 7 continents and 195 countries, each continent has one piece of public land providing new players materials necessary to begin building their world. Over time, Binopoly will open additional cities and private land plots (maximum 6 private land plots per city) to allow players the opportunity to expand their economic empire.

In Binopoly, players can accumulate primary resources from mines, timber mills and farms etc., and process these resources in factories to obtain building materials. Certain combinations and amounts of building materials will produce varying levels/types of properties.

Constructing property on a land plot within a continent will generate rent for the owner (similar to crypto-mining or yield farming in blockchain). Property can also be traded for profit. Strategic players can even monopolize whole industries of primary materials, building materials, lands, or factories to haul massive returns with various business tactics.

The world of Binopoly offers players maximal gameplay freedom. Players may upgrade their properties or factories to maximize profits and landowners have the final say over the usage of their land. Landowners can thereby control whether other players are allowed to build properties or mine on their land slots, and may impose tax rates which cannot exceed 10%.

Binopoly has also provides players with a wealth of advanced financial tools for capital operations. If players aren’t drawn to solo gameplay and becoming a lone hero, they may choose to find teammates, combine forces, and start a consortium to collectively build an economic empire! Multiplayer alliances will provide players a game experience distinctively unique in game-fi, perhaps another charm to the already abundant appeals of Binopoly.

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